Simulated RCT

A reliable way of testing the impact of new marketing messages and nudges. Based on gold standard scientific experimentation approaches (as highlighted by the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2019).

The simulated randomized control trial has been used to:

  • Help a pharmaceutical company find the right marketing strategy for a new $100 million product

  • Guide a $600 million consumer brand in choosing the right TV ad for each customer segment

  • Find the most effective marketing touchpoints for a pan-European insurance brand


The simulated RCT is more reliable than self-reported evaluations or standard concept testing methodologies.

How it works:​

Different groups of consumers are exposed to different marketing messages or concepts. A control group sees a neutral stimulus.

Then, their behaviour or choices are tested in a simulated or real choice environment.

We measure the differences in behaviour based on which message each group saw. This provides an accurate measure of how the messages impact true behaviour.